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KingRoot for iOS (iPad & iPhone) Download 2019

Kingroot for iOS, iPad and iPhone, is a free jailbreak app that allows, full of control over Apple’s devices. with this app, people can remove unwanted junkware and bloatware from their iPhone 5,6,7,8 and X. People can have multiple accounts and install third party apps.

Kingroot for iOS, iPad and iPhone allows users of these devices of perform one click jailbreak and root. The rooting and jailbreaking process is very safe and can be reverted back with just one button. The App give users the choice on which apps they want to root and which they want to restrict.

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Kingroot for iPhone

Features and benefits of the Kingroot APP for iOS

  • Unlimited tethering and mobile data sharing with iOS on Kingroot Master APK
  • Installation from external resources becomes very easy and simple. The apps cannot be revoked by iPhone with the Kinguser iOS.
  • You can Remove of pre-build apps like Siri, iCloud, Apple Books, Facetime, calculator, reminder, etc., from iOS, if you don’t need them or if they are slowing down your iPad.
  • You will get admin privilege with the Root King App. Once your device is jailbroken, it can perform various useful tasks like automation, Wifi and mobile data connection speed increase, mobile processor overlocking, prolonged battery life, etc.,
  • Opening a Safari Browser and visiting your favorite sites on iPhone must seem like a hassle, especially when you face various pop up ads and annoying banner Ads, that you don’t want to see. Well! worry you no more, as Kingroot iOS App will block these intrusive ads with purify App. You will love to appreciate the clean experience of browsing through your favorite sites. You can also say goodbye to those pop-up boxes and windows, whenever you want to click on the something you like on your screen.
  • In native iOS system, backing up important files and App data is not possible. I mean, you can backup certain files and apps, but to back up the whole iOS system on your iPhone is not possible. You cannot restore your entire iOS software to stock, if you incur some problems. But when you jailbreak your iOS device with Kingroot, you can install the Titanium Backup utility to fully secure your iPad. You can then restore it to the same settings, whenever you face any issues.

How to download and install on iOS the Kingroot App

  • In order to install the App, first download from the link at the end of this post.
  • Now allow your iPhone and iPad to issue a trust certificate to the Kingroot App, in the settings menu.
  • Install the App and enjoy one click jailbreak on your iPhone.


Does KingRoot require Internet?

Kingroot can perform offline root of some of the device but not all of them. So, in order to increase your success rate, you need to have a strong internet throughout the whole rooting process.

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