Download Garena Free Fire Mod Apk OBB V1.39.0

Garena Free Fire-BattleGrounds Hacks, Cheat and MOD APK Download Latest and Updated 2019

Garena Free fire battleground MOD APK Hack, is a free to play survival game for Android, iOS and PC. The game resembles PubG Mobile with its High-Quality Graphics and Gameplay. Both games are 3rd person thrilling shooter games, in which a player has to survive on a remote island.

Garena Free Fire Battleground MOD APK is very popular these days and many people are looking for unlimited Gems, Coins, Diamonds, Cheats, Auto-Aim Fire, High Damage, Money and Health MODs and Hacks. If you want to try these Hacks and Cheats of Free fire for Auto-Aim and Auto headshot, you can download from the links in this post.

Garena Free Fire MOD APK

Garena Free Fire MOD APK is a last man standing survival game. The game is inspired by PubG and Hunger games movie and novels. The Basic theme and overall gameplay, is centered around the combination of these two popular sources.

Garena Free Fire Vs PubG

So, what makes the game unique and special and why it’s becoming increasingly popular? To answer these questions, lets first analyze the PubG game. First of all, PubG mobile game is made for High End Phones and iOS devices. If you are using an older device, such as Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, iPhone 5s, 6s or any Low-End phone, you probably have to experience jittery gameplay, unless you trim down the graphics settings to “Low”.

So, whenever you reduce a game’s native gameplay settings, you cannot enjoy smooth buttery graphics. The solution to this problem, is the Free fire game that supports all kinds of devices from low end to high end. The game supports fluid gameplay and HD graphics for older and new devices equally. The FPS are great and the gameplay is very smooth and enjoyable. It also doesn’t require a very fast internet connection, as a medium speed connection work well with the free fire mod APK Hack game.

Fee fire BattleGround MOD APK for Android, iOS, iPhone, iPad

If you want the Batteground Garena game MOD Money, for your Android and iOS smartphone, then you can download and install the MOD Hack at the end of this post. The Hacked APK is compatible with all kinds of Android and iOS devices, whether you are using the iPhone 5s, 6s, 7, X or any Samsung or Huawei mobile.

The App will run without any problems, especially if you have a phone that has less then, 1.5 GB of Ram and low storage space. You can enjoy the best multiplayer gaming experience with this game. Playing with friends and people from all round the world is so much fun. Making new friends, while talking on audio and chatting about the gameplay coordination with other team members is also a great feature within the game.

Garena Free Fire MOD APK Diamond HACK for PC, Windows

Free fire for PC and Mac game, is officially only available for iOS and Android. Unlike ‘PUBG’ mobile game that is available for all the platforms, the free fire APK is a very lightweight file that supports mobile platforms.

How to install and download Free Fire Garena Battleground APK on PC without Emulator and Blue-stacks?

Bluestacks is filled with a lot of Ads and the gameplay of free fire Garena is not very enjoyable on Emulators. In fact, no matter what game you run on the Emulator, it will run with Lags and interruptions. So, the Emulators are not suitable for heavy, graphic intensive games.

To solve that problem, I will list a method in my other post, that will make the games like PUBG and Fire Free Battleground smooth as butter. There will be no lags or stutters from there on. You can play these games like they were made to run of PC and Mac.

So, keep checking our site for the latest cracks and hack methods.

So, what should I choose PubG or Garena Free Fire Battle Royale MOD Money?

Here is the list of comparison between PUBG and Free Fire Battle-Ground;

Free Fire Garena- who is it for?

If you have a low-End PC or smartphone that has 1 GB of Ram, then Free Fire Garena is for you.

Storage space requirement is also low as compared to PUBG. The game requires only 1GB space on Android or iOS device.

The game is very battery efficient, so If you are travelling and want some casual gaming experience, then playing it for an hour or two won’t put much strain on your phone’s battery capacity.

Buying diamonds, skins and characters provide the most bang for your buck in this game. whenever you perform a purchase, you get Bonus rewards in terms of diamonds and new characters.

I just love the different characters and skins in the game, they are much more fun then, the PUBG one’s.

PUBG- So, what’s the verdict?

PUBG is more supported for High End Devices that have 3GB+ Ram like Samsung Galaxy S8,9,10 and iPhone X, XSMAX etc.,

The game is relatively more expensive then the free fire Garena game.

It is also very Hard to play as in each battle there are 100 players and only one winner. In the free fire only 50 players take part, so the game is relatively easy as compared to PubG.

High End Graphics and Realistic Gameplay with recoil functions but also heavy battery usage.

Verdict and Final Thoughts – what should I choose?

The main difference between two games come down to one point, which is, if you want to experience rich and advance level of gameplay, then go with PubG. I recommend, you only choose this option, if you are hardcore gamer and own the Latest Device.

If you are a casual gamer, that just want to have fun and enjoyment, then go for Garena Free Fire Hack. The game is also suitable for people that own older or low-end devices.

So, if you want to save some space, internet connection data without compromising on the quality HD graphics, then Free Fire APK is the game for you.







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